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Apr 18, 2003
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As i am just starting out in my new salon im getting alot of new clients coming for infills/reblance from other nail salons.

Alot of them i am sad to say havent been very well done :( I had a lady come in yesterday for an infill for her p&w her smile lines were very sad and the over all condition of her acrylic was pretty poor, her nails were lifting very badly that when i went to file them most of the acrylic just came off with my file in large pieces and the rest of the nails i was able to just pop off with my thumb nail, this set was applied 2 weeks prior.

I suggested that we take all the nails off and start a fresh set for her, she was disheartened mostly because of the cost involved and that she had only paid for a full set 2 weeks ago.

I have had this happen a few times this week with similiar situations.

My question is when clients come in asking for a infill/rebalance if I think the nails have problems, even small ones, should i suggest that they be soaked off and a new set started? The reason i ask this is because i did suggest a lady soak hers off last week and she said that she couldnt afford it and insisted that i just infil them for her, and yesterday she comes back with all these problems, I know it wasnt from my infill as i could see what i had done, also the colour of her acrylic was kind of greyish , and as im using the perfect colours this didnt match, and i did tell her this before i started.

I told her the problems that she is having are coming from her full set application and not from her infill but i dont think alot of clients seem to understand this and seem to think that the last tech that worked on them is to blame.

I dont want to refuse to service anyone as i am trying to build more clientelle but how do i handle this situation? it seems to be happening quite alot.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kerrie :)
I know that you have worked for less money than normal on a few clients to get yourself going BUT as you had such a stroke of luck in getting your products at a reasonable cost ... why not pass this on (pay it forward a bit) and offer a special 'Soak 'n Set' price for this type of client (NOT for everyone)when you see them for their initial appointment when they have come from another salon??.

Ask them to come in a bit early and get them 'soaking' while you finish off another client so that you don't loose too much time. For them it is a bit more than a rebalance price but not as much as another full set. Everyone wins.

Just an idea, Kerrie. Perhaps you thought of it already?
Actually i hadnt thought of this, what a brilliant idea!

Perhaps if in working out the cost i charge for the infill + a full set at half price? which will include soaking off and i might offer a complimentry parrafin treatment after as a treat?

Thank for the fast reply geeg :) just getting ready for work now lol

Kerrie :)
hi ya....where would u give the parafin wax, after soak off? Vic
hi ya....where would u give the parafin wax, after soak off? Vic

Very last thing :)
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