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May 20, 2005
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Ive been on anti depressants for 5 years now on and off, a while back I decided I didnt want to be dependant on taking these for the rest of my life,so I came off them for 6 months and I felt worse than I ever did so i put myself back on them, the mistake I made was to come straight off them but I realise now and has been said you have to wean yourself slowly off them.

I feel so much happier now about taking them if it makes me feel well and better what the hell...

With regard to the weight situation I have found that they keep me weight off as soon as I stopped taking them the weight piled on ...
but mine do say on the leaflet they are prescribed to ppl with bullmia (sp) too.

Hope you keep well xx

Julie x


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Apr 4, 2007
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south wales
I have taken them on and off 4 times in the last 6 years. I find they keep my weight down. When I stop taking the meds my weight goes back on. I have to say every time I stopped I did so with no side effects and no weaning, I just stopped.

My sister took Seroxat and it completely ruined her life. She took a year to come off, and the side effects were appaulling, basically she had a nervous breakdown. She was a lawyer and had to stop practicing, that was 3 years ago and she still hasn't worked since. She is now part of a Class Action against the manufacturers of this pill, as they deny its highly addictive nature and suicidal effects. I should add Seroxat was not the medication that I took and have had no probs with.

As long as your Doctor is there to support you what ever decision you make is up to you. And no one should feel pressurred into stopping medication, because they feel embarressed they have a need for it. Depression is a major illness, and can affect every aspect of your life.

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