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Jul 25, 2003
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South London
Wow for your 1st attempt their great, keep up the good work x x
They r brill keep it up
Boy they rock babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:biggrin: Thank you for your replies. :biggrin: They have really made my day lol. :D
I am hoping to enter the excel competition (Acrylic/ sculptured) in september. Do you think i have a chance? :confused:
Please be critial :cry: as possible as education means alot to me and i know alot of you out there are miles better than me and we all learn from each other lol. :o
Again thank you for your replies :biggrin:
I would be happy to send you a private message with a critique of your sculpted nails or I can assess them here on the site if you would like me too.

Everyone has sent you messages of encouragment ... but these well meant thoughts will not help you to win a competition and there are a number of areas in which you need to improve before you do Excell. I am happy to help if you want me too. I have been away and have only just seen your post. :D
I love them! I hope i can do sculpts that good when i do my training soon. Well done.
They look real good :biggrin:
Im no expert but the only thing that took my eye was the nails seem to fan out towards the free-edge.
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