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Feb 15, 2005
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Hello geeks Im a very newb waxer, only did my training on Monday. Anyway, I know that the hair has 3 cycles and during the training I had my legs waxed but was quite surprised for them not to be silky smooth (I am sure this was not down to therapist error). previous to this i had shaved them 4 weeks prior. I am quite hairy anyway. would i be right in saying that it will take about 4 times of waxing to get to the silky smooth stage? I am assuming that the stubble (hair of aprox 1mm) is the 2nd growth of hair? Should this be something that I say to my clients?
Yes, definately mention it to you clients otherwise they might be not happy when they don't get the smooth finished look. Everyone hair growth is different, but it does take a few waxes to get that smooth look because of the hair being in different cycles.
I started waxing my legs about a year ago and only after about 6months I started having completely smooth waxes. So yes, I would mention it to the first time waxers.
If you've been shaving, it will take a couple of waxes to get rid of stubble, so make sure you tell your clients that. x
Aww thanks for replying. I thought this must be the case. I bet a lot of people do come expecting to be silky. And is this usually only the legs? I haven't noticed so much on my bikini or underarms

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