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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
There was a topic a while back about how young would your youngest client be.

Here is another thought provoking question - how young would your youngest student be?

Is it responsible to train school age students to enter the business of nails?

There has been some conversations on another nail board about a young girl being trained at age 13. I don't have a problem with the girl whatsoever - good luck to her and I hope she does succeed in the future - safely and responsibly. I do question however, the judgement of the company who accepted her money at such a young age. Apparently she had to try several places before she found one who would take her on - thank goodness for the ones with scruples.

What about insurance - is it available to under 16s
What about working hours and conditions for minors etc.
What about a credit card - who can live without the old plastic LOL - can a 13 year old get a credit card?

As an industry we are all fighting really hard to get a good reputation - if it is not misquoting journalists it is irresponsible training centres - what will be next?
Well Hun had a thought on that...........
13 is a bit young, she should still be in school and concentrating on her studies.....................chemistry, biologie and so on...............
Well needed in our field of work I think..............

Well I would train a school leaver, but not anyone that is still at school...........

Lets then have a play day, or work expirience but fully train no not till they are out of full time education..............
Because if they want it that bad, they will wait and then after the schooling go for to speak.........

just my thoughts
love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Lol Ruth "Because if they want it that bad, they will wait and then after the schooling go for it" ... bit like me then!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I think she and any others her age should finish school before training. I went onto college after secondary school, and am due to train with Creative later this year for the first time! During college I did ask for work experience in my local salons, and none would take me one, because I was still in education, they didnt have enough space for me blah blah!
Then there were the many times when I stormed to my form tutor almost in tears, begging her to let me leave college...luckily she stood her ground, told me not to be so stupid when I was scoring A's and B's in my lessons. Im so glad I stuck through my education. If nails doesnt work out, at least I have a levels and gcses to fall back on, phew! If this 13 yr old or any others decide to skip out of school (is that even allowed?! you HAVE to attend secondary school..), train as a tech (with a decent or bad company though?! Would a reputable company take on a 13 yr old?!) then decide in a few years that nails isnt the right route to go for..what then?! No gcses etc!! Ouch!!

I say stick through the school education, then train. At least they'll have exam qualifications if they decide they want a different career!! And as Ruthy baby said, need to learn the biology and chemistry! Lol! Good job I paid attention in those classes...phew! :rolleyes: :oops: ;) :D

13 years old is certainly young to be going into the business of nails and of course there are all the problems of insurance etc as Fiona mentions. Not to mention the credibility of the person as a working technician.

99% of women getting their nails done would not be happy to go to someone younger than their own daughter! Can you imagine asking a 13 year old advice on style colour health etc? No credibility!

Though I have to say that one of our brightest Ambassadors started her training at 15 and has been with us ever since - she is 20 now! A brillient trainer and a walking textbook - there are always exceptions I guess and sometimes we need to be prepared to make those exceptions if the talent and the enthusiaism are there.
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