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Feb 20, 2004
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Witney Oxfordshire

I am looking for a nail technician in cumbria who offers Airbrushing services. I am a nail technician in Oxfordshire and am getting married back home in cumbria at the begining of June and would love to have my nails airbrushed for the big event. I am actually going on a course in July but obviously way to late then. So if anybody can recommend somebody it would be much appreciated.
I live in Cumbria you will be very lucky to find someone up here who does airbrushing even nail art.

Which area of Cumbria and i will look in the phone book for you
Around the Ulverston area, but am willing to travel, might even start looking as far a lancaster, preston area. Oh don't you wish that sometimes you had done your training earlier... Thank you for your help. I have tried looking on the internet but have not found anybody as yet.
ive gone right through the phone book for Carlisle and North Cumbria and there isnt one salon that does airbrushing (i see a hole in the market) there are 2 places that do nail art but thats it sorry

think lancashire is going to be a better option
I think i better move home once i have my training definately money to be made.

Thank you for looking though. Plain French it is then ;-)
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