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May 19, 2010
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shaftesbury dorset
Hi, I cut a clients hair about a month ago and she said she wanted red highlights in it and we looked at the colour chart and we choose a nice colour together. I told her I will buy the dye and do a strand test on it to make sure the colour turns out nice. I did, and it turned out great. i told her this and she booked an appoinment, to have it dont the week after. I then went to her house the morning to do it and knocked, no answer, i knocked after a minute and no answer then i text saying i am outside, no reply, i rang, no answer. i waited 10 minutes outside of her house then left. i then text her a few days after asking if she forgot and she replyed saying oh yea sorry i forgot, not even a huge apology as she was the one that wasted my time and petrol money.I swear she was hiding in the house though as she doesnt work and only drops her kids off to school in the morning. I asked if she wanted to rebook and she said yea please. we booked again and i told her to tell me if she is unsure of an appointment or if she needed to cancel next time. i am now doing her hair tomorrow and text her saying is the appointment ok still for tomorrow, no answer, rang her, no answer! i text her 3 more times spaced out in the day and again no bloody reply! what should i do? should i write her out an invoice and post it through her letterbox? she is wasting my time when i could be getting another client in her space.

any ideas?
Not worth the time or money!
She's a timewaster. Dump her as a client, or insist on a deposit, if not a full payment up front. You probably won't get an invoice paid so it isn't worth the bother, but refusing her any more appointments will get the message across.
I agree you can do without these type of clients :irked:

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