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Thats the title...................
Fab book.............. it's amust along with Dough Schoon.........

love Ruth xxx
Sep 28, 2003
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Hi All, I am hoping to do my creative foundation course early on in the new year :squish: and I cant wait to get started. I was wondering if any of you could offer me any advice on anything I could be doing before the actual course starts...Such as reading :study: or practising a certain technique. I would be grateful for any help offered!
By the way I think the site is excellant and you all are a massive inspiration to people hoping to make the jump from customer/groupie to technician/guru!!! :flower: :thumbsup: :flower:

Hi Polished Princess -
There are a few books that you could read before hand if you feel you must but my advice is to go green and fresh - don't practice techniques that you may have to change etc. Go open minded and be prepared to listen and learn and NJoy ;) . The books I would most recommend are Doug Schoon's Product & Chemistry Book and Jacqui Jefford & Anne Swains book (yikes can't remember the name) :oops: :oops: :rolleyes: - I'm sure one of the geekettes on this board will enlighten you! ;)
Thank you very much for your replies...I will get into those books as soon as I can get hold of them! :D And as for hanging on with the practice...January will be here before we know it I suppose!

Thanks again.

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