Any Nail Geeks in South West?


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Aug 5, 2004
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Just wondered if there are any Nail Geeks in the South West as I have only seen one posting.

Is there anybody out there?
I am a little more west than south, but will i do?
Most definitely! I was feeling left out by all the Geeks arranging nights out and feel a bit out on a limb down here!

Perhaps if we get enough people we could arrange one of our own?
Good idea Beach Babe. Like Princess Pants, I'm more West than South...I live just outside of Gloucester.
And I'm here in Bristol and am up for a get together. I'm sure Brooke would be too if she sees this.
Hiya Guys I'm in Gloucester as is Pinkies & Carrie29 who I'm sure will both be up for it too.


I'm very 'South West'!!!!!!

I think if you do a search then Bodacious started a thread like this.....calling all south west nail techs....I think it was called that anyhow!!!!
I'm in Somerset, not at all far from Wilts I would be up for a get together!

Im new and am in Somerset, Weston Super Mare.

Any meet up would be great!
Im in Cheltenham and Colourflair is also nearby in Churchdown... well until she disappears on us and moves to Austrailia !!!

Hannah1984 said:

Im new and am in Somerset, Weston Super Mare.

Any meet up would be great!
Hi...Bournemouth here !!

also Karren & Sassy are hampshire way
hiya, I'm in Swindon & Nik is too. I'm definitely up for a meet.....
there's another geek who is in Torquay (I think)... could be wrong again though :o
i used to be in Taunton, Somerset but that won't count lol
good luck in your quest for more south west geeks :D

p.s. welcome Princess Pants (love your name) :D xx
hi... im in bournemouth same as vicky. i would be up for a meet 2 :D
Hi, l'm in bath what part of wilts are you in? x
Hi, Im in the south west too, im just down the road from poppyloo,. I 'm in dorchester.

Getting together with some local geeks would be good.
I'm Somerset too

as Vetty said i am in swindon too. Where in wiltshire are you Beachbabe?

would be great to have a local Geek Meet:D
I used to live in i am in mum-in-law lives in im kinda southwest
Hi ya..

I'm in Teignmouth Devon...I think Lesley on here is from Exmouth so two more to add to ur list!!

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