Any one know a cheap joiner / need to change the salon


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Jun 11, 2007
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in the night garden

I would like to re - design my salon at the mo it's just one big open room.

I would love to have it different and add some rooms to it instead of it been open plan. Im really no good with this kind of thing.

Is their anyone you could reccomend im in the Leeds area

Thank you

hope its a joiner that i need please correct me if im wrong
I do know one but i dont have his contact details till my partner gets back from america, sometime monday eve,
i will pm you with his details when i get them,
he isnt a young fly by night, he is a guy that has been doing this sort of thing for years, very good and reasonably priced hth
I know a great joiner,i'm marrying him lol

But he's great at what he does,so he aint cheap :wink2:
I'd Love to have some one like that in my family:lol:

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