Applying Entity Gel after manicure & pedicure


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newbie nails

Nov 6, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm newly qualified to the industry in mani, pedi & gel application / soak off - I have been taught that gel application is best on a dry treated / prep nail but want to offer this in addition to a luxury mani / pedi... So my question is should I do anything differently or continue and apply gel as normal to finish the mani / pedi service??
Thanks all x
Not sure as I am new to, but as no one has replied yet, I would think that do the dry pep and gel polish and then mask massage etc??
I'm still training and haven't covered gel but imagine you would do dry cuticle work then the gel polish before doing anything involving water as believe water in the nail plate could cause lifting / bacteria to get trapped? I could be completely wrong though so maybe wait for someone qualified to answer ;) x

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