Applying permanent dye on top of wet hair or with coconut oil?


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Apr 18, 2019
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Hello, I´ve recently seen this video of a hairdresser putting bleach on the wet hair of a client(see link) , as well as another video in which someone first put lots of coconut oil on.
video: (at 1:00)

I thought that it was very interesting, since usually we are supposed to apply bleach etc. on dry hair (according to instructions). Now I was wondering: since this works with bleach, would it also work with permanent hair colours? (e.g. any Wella colour with 20vol)
Does anybody have experience? wouldn´t applying it on wet hair or coconut oil just dilute the developer a bit (e.g. a 20vol toner or colour acting like a 15vol).

In the video the man says that the wet hair prevents the dye from drying out and it glides better over it, which would be interesting for when I want to blend a root colour into a different one in the ends. Coconut oil people say it prevents the hair from damage. I looked up some research and the molecules (saturated fats) are actually small enough to get inside the cortex.

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