Aqueous cream and skin thinning


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Apr 25, 2011
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Hi geeks

does aaqueous cream thin the skin after prolong use?

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Im pretty sure it doesn't! Isn't it only steroid creams that thin skin?
My kids have been prescribed aqueous since they were babies!
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No it is just an emoliant cream. Just a basic moisturiser with no perfumes or anything extra in it. I've been using it on my daughters skin for years as she has eczema and no it doesn't cause thinning. Its the stronger steroid creams which cause skin thinning with prolonged use x
You should look a bit more into the ingredients of the cream and thier individual properties good and bad.

For example sodium lauryl sulphate, this is used as a detergent so why would it be in a product which is just a simple emoilent??
My daughter has had eczema since she was 8 weks old and shhe is now 13yrs.
she has tried lots and lots of products over the years.
I have not noticed aqueous cream thinning her skin and am pretty sure it doesnt.
I have been told by a dermatologist that prolonged use of steroid cream does thin the skin.
hope this helps :)
There's been quite a lot of scientific research and proof that prolonged use of aqueous cream does thin some people skin, due to the detergents in it. Xx
I used this once on my son and his skin reacted terribly with it nd had to get him to the drs the next day:eek:
I have eczema & my doctor has said that very prolonged use can thin the skin, but bear in mind that I've been using it twice a day for about 10 years on my full body. He has prescibed me epaderm instead, I don't know if you can buy it from pharmacies.

I don't think aqueous would do you much harm if you're using it short term before/after a tan. Just call me Dr Crunchbunch ;-)
My little girl has patches of eczema on her body and won't use anything that the doctor prescribes I would rather use natural products wherever possible. I take a square piece of netted material and put porridge oats in the middle then gather the edges and secure the top with an elastic band. I pop one of these in her bath as the oatmeal is very good for the irritated skin. I apply a carrier oil with tea tree and lavender to the affected area. I have tried lots of different treatments, but find that these work the best. HTH xx I also use a chemical and sls free soap. I will be making this myself as soon as mine run out. x
Look into Elemis skin nourishing milk bath. It is really good for eczema an can be used on babies aswell. It is as close to the skins natural PH level as a product can get so it works with the skin and not against. :) x
I'm so shocked, I have been using this on all 3 of my children since they were babies!
I've just chucked it in bin. Next time I visit doc I will be showing him the article!
I am shocked too.although my daughter has not used it for a while now.
She found that touching her eczema with her hands when rubbing cream in really irritated and itched so she now uses something called dermamist which is an oil that she sprays onto her skin and allows to soak in.
This is the best product in all the 13years of trying every cream etc going.
I think i am definately going to try some of the natural methods mentioned too and see how she goes with them :)

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