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Apr 6, 2003
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Hi Everyone

I have just had a new client contact me who is getting married and wants me to give her either extensions or a manicure on the morning of her wedding. Ideally she said she would like french extensions and only wants them for the wedding day and her one week honeymoon and then have them removed.

Whilst chatting to her on the phone she told me she has arthitis. Would applying acrylic be affected by her arthitis or could I make it worse for her in any way? I thought of giving her a quick hand and arm massage complimentary with it being her wedding day, is this advisable?

Many thanks for any help on this! :)
Well I think the best one to answer that one is Faye, she is an arthritis sufferer, well she has got a new hip now..........hip hip horray, well she had it done 2 years ago.
She has been wearing Extension since well before the hip replacement and never suffered any ill effect. but then she was on herbal medicine, you know the horrid smelly stuff, like green lipped mussles and strong painkillers if needed.
We know that Silks and Fibreglass and Gels dont make it worse. As all the systems are from the Acrylic family I would think that L&P would be ok.
Is she taking any medicine?????? Some anti-inflamatory drugs can have side effects.......or could give you contra indication to Extensions.
Has she got arthritis in in her hands?
I would be concerend about soaking it off, Acetone????
Not shure how that would affect her condition, maybe not at all, but Doctor's advice might be the answer here. Well that would have to be my best advice, get a doctors note, fill in your client record card, inlcude her condition, clip note to card and get her to sign it. That way your are covered legally and she will know that you are a true professional that really cares.

If she opts for a manicure instead, why not make it a parafin one, that works magic on RSI and Arthritis too.

Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
A parrafin dip is VERY soothing ... I agree.

The concern with Arthritus is NOT that nail enhancements can affect the condition ... no worries there. The concern as far as it being a possible contra-indication is the PAIN you might cause the client!!

I'm sure the client would let you know if the treatment would cause her pain, and would not have booked the service in the first place. Just be aware that this could be a factor if the arthritus is in her hands.
Thanks for the replies :)

possible contra-indication is the PAIN you might cause the client!!

That is what I was concerned about, I would die if I made the poor lady's hands hurt for her wedding :( ! I have allowed a little longer on her appointment time in case her hands start to ache and she can have a little move about to 'free' them up.

BTW I don't have a parafin bath yet, out of interest what do you actually do with them, i.e. do you put the parafin on the skin or on top of a bag? As I don't have a bath, would one of those wheat bag things that you heat in the mircowave help?

Many thanks
I actually prefer the Wheatmits to anything else.
They are clean and easy.
They are soft and 'cuddly'.
No wires and no plastic that gets ruined if you accidentally splash any solvent on them.

If you use a parafin bath: You dip the clients hands and lower arm in the parafin two or three times and then wrap in plastic and a warm towel and let the heat do its magic for 10 minutes or so.
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