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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
Just boring old me on again on about salon furniture. Many of us are on strict budgets so having to pick my furniture very carefully. I'm looking at therapist stools/chairs.

How important is a back support for a beauty therapist? The chairs we use at college are gas lift operated for height adjustment and have back supports. Thing is I don't recall using the back support as I am usually leaning towards the client with my feet flat on the ground.

Obviously the gas lift stools are slightly cheaper than the chairs, so should I opt for a stool? Thing is, this same peice of furniture will be at my nail station when I am doing nails too.

What are your recommendations please peeps? xx
I prefer my gas lift chair tbh - I have a pedi stool (also height adustable) and it doesn't matter even if I sit on the seat bit, I don't feel as comfortable as I do in my chair.

I bought one of those cushie cushions to but at the base of my back and bottom of the chair and it does seem to make me sit up straighter - (which can only be a good thing) when I am not leaning forward to do a treatment - sorry not much help I know :hug:

BTW my chair is a proper chair - not a salon stool chair - I defo didn't get on with that one - perhaps it had something to do with my backside :lol: :smack:
I know it might sound obvious, but have you tried sitting further back on the seat? I had to make myself learn to do that and it made SUCH as difference. Personally I would find a stool quite uncomfortable now that I'm used to having the back support from the chair.
Hiya Tracey

Maybe we would have got around to discussing the chair situation this afternoon after our marathon 2 hour conversation about couches (oh - and other things too). :lol: Anyway, the stool I prefer to use in the salon doesnt have a back to it so I think I am that same as you, I just feel it give me more freedom of movement whilst doing treatments. It is a gas lift type and i find it really comfortable.

Let me know what you decide.
I use one of them kneeling posture stools,
i inherited this when i bought the salon so thought i would give it a try, it took me a good few weeks to get used to it and because it makes you sit correctly i had lower back ache to begin with but i am used to it now and find it so comfy, plus because it doesnt have a back it doesnt take up as much space or restrict my movement when working,
i would highly recommend one of these. hth
Thank you all so much. I really appretiate the input. It all helps xx
I have a kneeling ergonmic chair and its excellent. It takes a little while for you to get used to the position but really comfortable and no back ache although i ahve problems with my neck but thats probably me.

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