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Oct 30, 2011
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brighton uk
Had the worst waxing experience of my life :sobs: I got this email from a local spa that had 50% off waxing services and I booked for a Hollywood wax .Therapist started off by waking some warm wax on my bikini line and didn't try it on her wrist to see if the temperature is right, buttering the wax all over including bits that have no hair,when i asked her if i should hold the skin she said only of i want too!!!Leaving me sticky full of leftover wax and loads of hair she put wax on the same area over and over again removing skin and said to clean myself and get dressed,leaving me sore and full of sticky wax.I called her back to clean the wax off and she did it but that should have been done previously.Now the skin is scabbing and flaking from the burns,hair already started to come thru as its been 3 days since is been ripped off.I told her this is the worst waxing service I've ever had and she said nothing,on my way out the owner of the salon was at the desk and i told him that this was the worst experience ever and I've been getting Hollywood from the age of 14!He said he will have a word with his staff,pffff as this even interests me when I cant even have a wee without a burning.This place should not operate on live humans
grrrrrrrronly if i want too!!!bikini l
Oh no, you poor thing!

I've had a bad wax in the past. Suda creme is your me, slather it on. I was grazed/burned so the skin turned grey and then peeled off, but this realy helped it feel much better xx
You poor thing.

I would send a complaint in writing to the salon. I would at the very least want a refund. Was the tech even trained? It doesn't sound as if she was.
The waxing proceedure was not followed at all, you must test the heat before alying to a client.

As the other post says, use sudocrem for the burns.

Hugs xx
Ouch :eek:

I tend to bruise easily if I'm waxed by a newly qualified therapist, i always warn them that i might bruise if the pull inst quick enough, i always pull my skin tight in the right places to help them out but even then i occasionally get bruised.

Once i was that bruised i couldn't sit down properly or cross my legs, so i rang the salon, spoke to the manager & told them about it.

Thankfully the manager was a therapist herself, she was shocked at what i said & we talked about the treatment in depth, she then put a note on my account that i'm only to be treated by experienced senior therapists.
She thanked me for letting her know as she said most don't & then just go elsewhere.

Sounds like the manager of the salon you visited was more interested in getting your money than your welfare ..... i'd steer clear of that salon.
This is awful! I've wanted a Hollywood wax for ages, and has definately put me off! Bless you. Hope it's better soon! I would of cried if that was me, I wonder if there is anyone you could report them too? Xxx
I hope you didn't pay for it?!!! I had this myself a couple of years ago I was actually bleeding :( I told her I wasnt happy and I wanted to speak to the manager. The manager wasn't interested so I said I wasn't going to pay for being butchered and I make sure all my friends knew what a joke this salon is and walked out.

I was sore for days, I used sudocrem too and it helped you poor thing!
Thanks guys for your support,It started to heal and I feel much better now,the crusts are coming off.Lucky that I'm a young healthy woman.This girl said she's been doing waxing services for 4 years,the only reason I asked was cause I was doubting her competence,she was thinking I'm making conversation.This is not normal for Hollywood wax to be like this,so don't be put off just make sure that your therapist is well recommended by someone you know(not like i've done-got voucher of net thinking I'm gonna save £) ,I would have this service done again , obviously by a competent therapist,not this cretin!I also make sure that everyone knows about this shody place and avoid it.I think I should send them a complaint letter now:(

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