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May 7, 2007
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Ive just stumbled across this site for silver jewellery. They have so many beautiful rings. I know we love our Enhancements, and when teamed up with a pretty ring with a bit of bling it makes your hands look great! Thought id share and wondered if anyone has already bought from them? xx

Silver by Mail | Silver Jewellery From Around The World
need the link hun lol xxx Or is it just me???? :lol:

bugger me ... it was me lol...just seen it....
No its me ... i forgot the link!! :o oh geeze its the beginning of the week forgive me! :hug:
great site...not to expensive either...i love silver. x
phew...thought I had lost a few more precious marbles :lol:

There are some lovely rings...there is a lovely multi-coloured one i like...
I have bought a few pieces from them.
i absolutely love rings!! (and necklaces....and bracelets!!) i have dodgy ears so have to keep gold earrings in all the time so wear other funky jewellery instead!!

i have over 20 rings but most of mine are cheap fashion ones from accessorize! they do some beautiful rings though!
I've bought quite a bit from Silver by Mail - mostly earrings and bracelets. Their stuff is beautiful and not too expensive...... I bought 2 pairs of earrings last weekend as it happens! Their service is great too......
Oooo, I feel a spending spree coming on ... thanks for sharing :hug:
Welcome hun :hug: Im still trying to choose which ring i like more. May show this site to my significant other :lol:
Fionas jewellery is very pretty. Always willing to support fellow geeks :hug:

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