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Apr 28, 2003
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Can anyone out there tell me what specs I need when buying a camera to take shots of nails. I bought a digital 2 weeks ago but the pics were awful so I took it back. We need to be able to see close up, clear detail and I can`t do that on my old faithful camera. I know I need it to be digital to put pics on the pc but I don`t know what I`m looking for.
There are loads of you out there that post pics on here, what cameras do you use
Hi Debbie,

I am in no way expert in photo and camera, but I think that what you need is a digital camera that has a macro option, i.e. that can take real close ups. Having a zoom is not sufficient as you will never get the clarity you need. Also, getting really close won't do any good either as most cameras can't focuse properly if they are less than 1m away from the object shot.
For my pictures I use the digital camera we take when we go diving, and use the macro option when I want to do a close up. It is a Sony DSCP5 or close to that!! :D), has a USB cable to link to the PC and then appear as a "removable" drive when you plug it in. You just move your pictures around from the camera to the PC like you would any other file. As simple as that. 8)
Hope this helps!!
Yep macro is a must............
I have a Kodak DX3900 with a hotcradle. Dead easy to download the piccies on to the PC with the push of a button.
Love Ruth xxxxxxx
I remember reading a post about the amount of pixles that are needed but can't seem to find it. Can anyone tell me what the best number of pixles is and whats a waste? All I remember is someone said that over a certain amount of pixles was a waste. Thanks for the help.
I`ve just been told that you need 4M pixels (anyone know what the M is)
anything lower and the clarity is not there apparently.
That means it`ll be a long time before I can get a camera, they are all loads of money. :(
I believe its mega pixels - thats what the M stands for..or maybe its million..oh I dont know!! lol!!

There are lots of sales on at the moment for digital cameras; im after this one : :

whoa big link!! sorry!

Thats a HUGE link Layla, not just a big one!!!!!
Also a great camera, but even if I hinted big time, I still won`t get it for my birthday. :( So now we know what the M is for, what is a macro option :?:
The M is for mega, but I thought I seen it was lower than 4 that was best. I really need to go back and find the post I read. Macro option is (I believe) for taking close ups, but I could be wrong.
Well I am off to find that post. :flower:
Ok found the post I was looking for and Christie says any thing over 2.1 mega pixels is wasted and the computer won't pick it up. And MichelleAU says that the macro option is for close ups.
Mines a 2.0 m pixels and has a macro and its terrible for picking up on detail!!!!! It doesnt even pick out come out as a mush of colour! lol!!

I bought a camera 2 weeks ago that only had 2M pixels and I couldn`t get close enough and none of the pics on it were clear. I`d go in to a shop and ask but you`d either get someone who would blind you with science or someone none the wiser
Well a little trick when you using macro on your camera is, stand back from the image and then zoom in on it rather then, being close and then trying to zoom in, the macro facilty will make a close up even closer and if you are to close it will be blured.
It takes a little practice but well worth the effort.

Just a little useless info lol
I am better with nails honest lol

love Ruth xxx
You post some great pics Ruth, so you can`t be that bad with a camera, but what is a hotcradle???????
BTW you are great with nails
A Hot cradle is a device you place your camera onto when you want to download pictures from camera to pc.
The cradle is connected to the PC via a USB connector.
Kodak have some good cameras and there are some on
Thanks for the compliment, it's much appreciated.
love Ruth xxx
I worked my camera! LOL!! Its a 2.0 mp, I stood away from my nails and zoomed in!

Tadaa! Debbie it works, maybe you should have kept hold of your camera!

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