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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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Last week saw Private Practice star Kate Walsh declare that women 'hoard' cosmetics because they're too 'juicy' to throw away. I don't know about 'juicy' but I do know I've held on to products for far too long, simply because I can remember how much they cost me!

There is no doubt that we are a generation more aware, more informed and more overwhelmed by products than any before us. We are also a generation living under the curse of the 'forever-young' promise. The expectation for us to look young and fight lines and wrinkles and constantly strive for photoshop perfection is one that often lures us into buying products that we don't perhaps need.

How many of us have a range of moisturisers? Four or five mascaras? A variety of eye creams and body lotions and shampoos? More worryingly, how long do we hold onto these products simply because, quite rightly, we feel wasteful throwing them away?

We have to remember that products come with expiration dates in just the same way that food does. A very good friend of mine spent a fortune on La Prairie skincare and, as you do, was very sparing with it. It lasted a long time. Too long. She was battling with unsightly skin reactions and, when she went back to the La Prairie counter to ask advice, the woman informed her that it was very likely caused by the expiration of some kind of fish extract used in the cream.

As professionals we are used to ensuring that the professional products we work with have not gone beyond their use-by date. Are we as good at checking our personal products? I know I'm not.

So, kick off your week by clearing out your collection. Think of it as spring cleaning...just a little bit more fun and less need for marigolds!

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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I'm very guilty of doing this on a personal level!

I'll either buy or be gifted beautiful products and then I'll save them 'for best' - why?! I hate waste of any sort so I think that's got a bit to do with it and I actually think in the case of gifts it's because I'm overly sentimental, I don't like to throw things away that people have given me - and yes, I'm aware how crazy that sounds :o the products are there to be used and enjoyed afterall! I also enjoy displaying all the pretty packaging.

A year or so ago, I started to use them all regularly, I'd use the basic, every day creams and bubble baths/showergels ones during the week or so and the nice ones at the weekend and it was SO nice, like constantly being pampered... I just need to start doing it again :lol: I also have a couple of mascaras upstairs that I don't really use because I hate the way they shed (even though I love the way they make my lashes look) but I'm off to throw them out - and NOW before I get sidetracked.

Thanks, Ed!
I have a client that actually infected her lips to the point of needing medical attention because she continued to use a colored lip gloss that was 3 years old! It even smelled spoiled but she liked the color and wouldn't part with it, even after the Dr. told her what the problem was!! And I'm sure it didn't taste like the watermelon flavor it did when it was fresh!
I've had to toss out back bar professional sizes of moisturizer and that really hurts, none the less its much cheaper to replace than it is to hire legal consul because of spoiled product caused adverse reactions on a clients skin!
There's no doubt we've become more and more aware of our appearance. It seems to me that the whole social media generation has made us even more obsessed with how we look (as we can have images of us posted at any time now!) I think it takes a while to decide which products work for you - it's taken me about 26 years to realise I need to treat my skin to nothing but gentle cleansers and toners on a day to day basis if I don't want a break out (currently clarins but still not completely happy) and then a regular microdermabrasion treatment as I have fairly uneven skin tone. I tried crystal clear but got a better result from SkinBase as it's a more medical treatment.

i also have a friend who spedns around £150 month on new cosmetics / nail varnish etc. Crazy!

On another forum I joined a pledge to reduce my stash in 2012. To say I was shocked with how much I owned is an understatement! Bath products were at pretty shocking levels and my make up is scary!!! So I can for sure say I am with you on trying to be brutal and downsizing my stash were possible and in the end I hope to be left with my holy grail items. :Love:

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