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Dec 14, 2011
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Has others noticed people on here plugging this?
The members posting about it are all new with ther first post being advice and the rest being about this site and with a link.

I think it's site owners/admin/ agents who are trying to recruit. Such a cheeky thing to do! But hey I love salon geek, and won't be leaving! Xoxo
I love how the owner doesn't have any details on their profile and quite frankly worse possible colour scheme possible!

I won't use it out of principle against the assumption that anything 'beauty' related needs to be pink!
Whilst we have no fear of competition and the worry that all our members will leave us and flock to another site, if anyone is posting mutiple links in non related threads then this is spam and needs removed.

If any of their posts fall into this category then please report them. We have had a couple to deal with today, any more for any more?
Agree with the bad colour scheme. It says hair and beauty but these prizes are all beauty related. And someone said its like Facebook? I know we're all friendly etc... On here but I don't want everyone on here knowing my whole life.

Will report if I see any posts with links to it xoxo
Uggh, it's horrible. I don't like the colour scheme or layout or the facebook style setup.

Obviously the sweets have done such a fab job on here, they've made it look too easy, which it quite clearly isn't.

Incredibly cheeky touting on here for members, lol.

I understand you could be members of both, but i'm not going to be one of them. I'm definitely not sold xx
I'm not even bothered looking... I have all I need right here on Salon Geek. :biggrin:
We all love SG, but there are other forums and social networking sites out there, so we need to live and let live.

It is just like our Industry, we can treat the salon down the road as competition or we can ignore them, or respect each other and behave professionally.
Personally I prefer the latter, and have a good relationship with the salon down the road ;)

As naturalnails has said, if you don't like something or think there is a dodgy link in a post then report it, please don't start WW3 on the thread itself.

I wonder if this new site has had to appoint referees...I mean Moderators yet :eek:

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