Being compared to a untrained therapist makes my blood boil


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Mar 13, 2012
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I have a mature lady who has been my client for about 3 years has regular facials and tint/wax. Last summer she had lash ext buy a therapist I employed when on maternity leave, the salon owner really talked me into giving her a chance I returned back to the salon and after 6 months I had to leave as she was working for me under my name but was rubbish so didn't want that and I felt the salon owner much preferred her as she was yes sir no sir where as I put my put down as salon owner was completely clueless & I had a new born & she hated kids! I found out that she brought the beautician the marvel kit which was what I used to use with a training DVD :-0 anyway made me all the more glad to be out there. Well my client had lashes with me then came to her appt for infills and brows 2 weeks later and said no to infills as she said a couple poked the wrong way and she was surprised how many she had already lost compared to last time with other beautician! I could have hit the roof I remember seeing these lashes, they were stuck to her eye lid and were basically like a strip lash all stuck together at the root & when they were out she had massive gaps I'd say she lost half her lashes and stopped having a tint with me as she said she couldn't seem to notice it so much anymore well I'm not surprised your half your lashed missing! This also therapist also charged 25POUND! I just said you can't compare us to be honest if your happier with her lashes it's best you have them done with her what I wanted to say is she isn't insured she isn't qualified she has damaged your lashes badly the products are one of the cheapest out there not very professional though ay? To top off my already very high blood pressure I knocked 5pound off her treatment and popped some party lashes in between too fill them back out. Interested in how other therapists would have dealt with this situation x
Sounds like a nightmare!

From what I've read you have dealt with this very professionally.
Your always going to get clients who want that bargain. You'll soon be hearing from her when she realises all her lashes have fallen out & she wants advice!

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