BeNatural callus eliminator


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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
Has anyone else been using this? It is so awesome. My clients are amazed as their callus just disappears.
I read a demo in one of the mags so now I take paper towels cut into small squares, apply some callus eliminator to the square and then stick it on the callus. You leave the square on the callus. After a few mins take it off and start scrubbing...the skin just rolls off. Actually kinda Tons of
Just very pleased with this stuff...and wanted to share... ;)
Sounds as if it works on exactly the same principals as Creative 'Sea Serum' from the SpaPedicure range. The product softens the callus and it then just rolls off - amazing to see and no need to use Credo blades or things like that. Just the 'callus smoother' that you love.

We have been sucessfully using this product for 5 years now - and here in Spain the soil really makes the skin go hard in the summer so clients can not believe the difference when we use sea Serum during a pedicure and then they can follw up at home with 'Cucumber Heel Therapy' (another awsome product) to maintain and KEEP the skin soft permanently. 8)

Christie, where can you get the BeNatural range?

Anybody seen it over here in uk?

I do not know if they are in UK yet. They are gaining popularity in the US.You could contact them for info.
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