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Sep 3, 2013
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Apart from vinylux what is the best brand of varnish to apply? I find vinylux goes on really well but I had some in my manicure kit for my course that are just awful to apply
We use the entire VINYLUX range and have not found one of them bad to apply as long as the application is done by a person who knows how to polish with a light touch and to 'float' the 2nd coat with a little more on the brush. We use nothing else and if there were colours that were a real pain, we wouldn't use it. Adore VINYLUX and so do our clients.
The majority of professional branded polishes apply well.
Companies have spent fortunes not just on getting the consistency of the polish right but the ergonomics of the bottle and lid.
Cheap OTC polishes can be a nightmare to apply with their stubby brushes and gloopy consistency, and shouldn't really be used in a professional environment.
As your experience grows though you will be able to apply well no matter the brand, because you will adapt to suit, or have the sense to change the brush :wink2:
Thanks, it's the shape if the bottle and lid etc these just feel uncomfortable to use
You don't have to hold the bottle. Jessica manicures and pedicures tell you not to hold the bottle as it heats the product and makes it gloopy.
Thanks. I was just wondering if some were nicer to apply with a nicer brush apart from vinylux
We use OPI in our salon and they are really nice and easy to apply if that helps x
Thanks. I was just wondering if some were nicer to apply with a nicer brush apart from vinylux

Opi are good to use with a nice size brush!
I love the OPI brushes and for a narrower nail I am very happy with the Essie brushes. Good coverage and really good application from both brands even for a relative newbie :biggrin:
Brilliant thanks

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