Best routine for waxing a hairy male torso?


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Title says it all really,

I have a male client who attends for an upper body wax. The problem is that his hair just doesn't stop. I really need to find an efficient routine to cut my time.

I do the front (abs and chest) then turn him over and do as much of his back as possible. This is all very straightforward and fairly quick.

But then it all goes a bit pear shaped!

His hair goes all the way around his sides and up to his armpits with no reduction in volume. Up to his hairline at the back and right up to his beard area at the front.

I just tackle it a bit at a time until I'm done (mixture of hard and strip wax) but it's taking me ages. I NEED more of a system. I also feel I'm constantly asking him to change position as I work. Again, I'm sure there must be a more efficient way.

Can anyone talk me through it please?

Jack Dunn

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Elaine, I get lots of hairy gorillas also!!..
I follow this routine which works for me and not to much moving around for the clients..
Face down wax the back up to top of the shoulders,
Flip onto his side and do the side bits on each side and clean up the back.
Face up wax the chest and abs and underarms
Sit up and do the neck/hairline back of shoulders then turn round and do the top of chest and front of shoulders and finish the tops of the arms and blendas necessary. Finish with clean up of front torso.

HTH and hope it makes sense!!.. Jack x


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Cheers Jack. That's great.

Can I just clarify, When doing the sides of the torso, do you ask them to stretch their arm up?

Also, I'm not too worried about my timings at the moment as I know that will sort itself out but, so I know what I'm working towards, how long do you book out for this type of client? I'm assming my 1hr 45 is a tad excessive! LOL

Jack Dunn

JD Waxing School
Yes, its put a good stretch on the skin, of course do what you can some clients are more flexible than others..

If its a new client I set aside 60-70 minutes but generally you can do it much quicker but best to have enough times for the really hairy ones and most men are wimps and need the odd little break!!.. lol..