Bleach disasters

ahh at least it got sorted in the end hun, and i bet it did have a lovely end result. was you meant to be having a wella training day or something did you say hun? ive got my client in tomorrow the one i stated above.I know it will all turn out fine but, i like to have things "straight" in my mind!

yeah it was the training day. the techs did three cut and colours in the morn, all good and new techniques. then we were supposed to do a cut in the afternoon but my model was the bleach disaster girl so ended up correcting her colur which didnt leave us enough time to cut which i was gutted about but i still learnt new techniques.
im sure your client will be fine but i know what you mean about having things straight.
im doing the future mother in laws hair tomo and she wants to go lighter so im trying tof figure that one out in my head now!!

eeek familys hair spesh the in laws.!!! i still dont like doing it now and me and my hubbys been together 9 years:confused: im sure you will be fine tho. what new techniques did you learn on your wella day? also when you do the quad technique do you do back to back slices or just block colours in each section?and do you do your quad technique with 3 blocks or 4??????

i learnt some new cutting techniques, just ways to blend the layers and ways to cut bobs, using disconnection. more about softening layers.
with the quad technique, you can do back to back slices but its much quicker just to paint the block colours on and just make sure they're kept seperate by foils.
you do the main rectangle (or you can adapt this according to the clients hairline) then 3 smaller ones off the main one. if that makes sense?!

Yes that makes complete sense hun thankyou and was how i thought it was!!! what techniques are most commonly used in your salon?????? im thinking on my client 2morrow to do half head foils,with wella bleach . alternating chunky weaves and slices. but doing the foils to just sit under her parting so she doesnt get major regrowth. and then putting a warm natural brown through the rest of the hair, what do u think? any more suggestions, coz want a warm ,dark blonde/ caramel feel to it. x

most common techniques are just the normal half head/full head foils, although after the few courses everyone been trying to be more creative, especially the boss! shes very creative! the most common thing is highlights then a good toner to create a cool blonde. how about your salon?
yeah that sounds good for your colour. with your backdrop colour do you want it warm or cool? if you want it cool/deep 5/77+0/88 is good or for warm 55/0+5/75+5/37 is good. for your blonde just use the bleach like you say, maybe get a toner on at the backwash to make it a caramel colour.

im freelance hun, have been for 5 + years, so i tend to do 2 wella colour courses a year, because that was my golden rule, that i want to keep up to date when i was to go on my own. my next colour course isnt till october so im itching for some new techniques/ ideas at the mo! as you can probs tell. i tend to do just half/full head foils. im wanting to do more of a warm wash on my client tomorrow allover like 6/40 colour touch or 5/75 and 5/73 with a little 5/0 . i shall see what sort of look shes after.

well it all turned out well in the end , and she was really pleased.i did alternate chunky weaves and slices of wella blondor. then used 5/75 with 5/37 and a little 6/0 allover. came out a lovely result. her sister who im doing next week came in for a consultation. aaaaaaaaahhh is all i can say. shes died her hair red bout 4 months ago shes has 3 inch of roots of a level of 7. on her mid lengths and ends think a faded 6/45. now best of it is she wants a highlighted effect of a base 9 for her wedding in june:eek:. dont you love them! ive explained that theres no way we can get that result this time. that i will probs need to dye her hair a soft med/dark brown to elimante the red and get a allover base back. and do some weaved blondor foils throughout and tone them.any other suggestions geeks. really dont fancy doing a cleansing bath/ bleach shampoo on this one!!!!!!!

why dont use fancy a cleansing shampoo?
like you say the best thing to do is get an all over even colour first. i would obv do a strand test first with bleach see how it develops. if it is ok i would use bleach with the appropriate developer, and 12/89 + 0/81 mixtone +12%, with more of the bleach than the 12/89. the 12/89+0/81 will lift whilst cleaning out the red tone, its really good.
then id put a colourtouch thro the rest to even it out but with colour touch so it is not as hard to lift as tint. hth