Boyfriend is going to a meeting on my 21st


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Aug 30, 2013
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It's my 21st birthday next Monday and my boyfriend and I both booked it off. Today he has told me he is going to a team meeting from 8 until around 12 ON MY BIRTHDAY am I over reacting because I am fuming about this!! I said it was ok if he wants to go but he still shouldn't want to go on his girlfriends birthday!?
Maybe he's going to suprise you with something...? X
Is this 8am until 12 noon?
If so I don't see a problem, you can have a long lie at home then he can take you out for a lovely lunch and then take it from there.

Happy Birthday, by the way :)
He is definitely not surprising me as he has this week off work and his manager asked me to ask him if he could attend ( we work for same company) maybe I am giving him a hard time for it
If it is only 8-12 morning then that isn't too bad. You probably get up around 10, get sorted and dressed by 12 and he would be home? Then go about your day. But saying that, i would be the same, i would be pee'd off and annoyed, but other points of view, we don't seen it that bad, it could be worse, he could of worked the whole day instead.
I worked my own birthday and it was my 21st needs must youve gotta to do what youve gotta to do unfortunatly :-/

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My OH is always away on my birthday, sometimes abroad, valentines, Christmas break always interrupted.
Always on phone on holiday.
He is a successful businessman and can't always be at home when I want him to be.
He didn't even take his son's 1st birthday off.
We are separating for other reasons tho.

I think if it was all day could see why you're so upset but midday isn't so bad is it? You can have a lush afternoon out together?
What are your 21st plans!? Exciting! X
Whilst it is annoying, esp as it was booked off! But as the others have said, at least its not a full day.

Ive never taken a day off for my birthday or my partners. We would usually celebrate with a meal out in the evening & with family at the weekend. Xx
Whilst it's upsetting it is work and I doubt he had much choice.

I've never taken my own birthday off or my partners unless we were going away or something. We celebrate that evening instead.

You'll have the rest of the day together. Have a lazy morning then enjoy it :)

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He can make you breakfast in bed before he goes to work ;)
You have all afternoon and eve with him. My husband has only been with me on one birthday since we met, and two Christmases. He is also missing our daughters birthday again this year as he works away. Don't get too upset just get him to take you out for lunch! Xxx
You still have all day. Omg. Like others have said by the time you get up and dressed he'll be back home again.
Maybe it's because I'm a jaded old queen but I really don't see a problem with that.

But then let's face it, the older we get the less we care about birthdays. They are just a reminder that we are a year nearer death.
Agree with all the others, although disappointing, it's not worth getting upset over.

Rather him working the morning than next year you writing, My boyfriend doesn't have a job anymore, because he didn't go in to a meeting he was supposed to, and he's not buying me a present or taking me out as he doesn't have any money!

You've got plenty more birthday's to celebrate together I'm sure.
Calm down with the Omg 'precious' everybody else responded without a attitude, why can't you
If it were 8pm til midnight I would be upset but 8am til mid-day I would happily accept so that I could have that bit of time to myself to get sorted. Have good memories about your 21st because you'll never get a second chance and be positive. Isn't it great your partner has a job. Happy birthday xx
Yeah I think I'm over reacting to be honest haha I was just abit peeved as we has plans and this is a optional meeting he doesn't have to attend x
We'll never understand men. Maybe it's an opportunity to earn more money or something like that? And maybe it's better that you don't spend the whole day together - it can be a recipe for disaster sometimes!! X

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Yeah I think I'm over reacting to be honest haha I was just abit peeved as we has plans and this is a optional meeting he doesn't have to attend x

Your just disappointed, & thats understandable considering you thought he was off.

But sometimes its good to get an outsiders view on situations.

Hope you have a lovely birthday xx
Hopefully asking the forum has saved the day and bear in mind he may well be upset too xx

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