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Feb 1, 2012
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Hi guys... I had this done today and was used as a model for some hairdressers learning to use the product.

The trainer was talking to them about the after care products they give their client etc and certain shampoos and conditioners should be avoided.

They didn't give me any after care products, and even though I had it done for free, I'd still like to look after it.

So as a "non hairdresser", can anyone advice what shampoo and conditioner I should use on it please?

Thanks x
Sodium Chloride free is what you want, you can use Pureology or Nexxus, Affinage also do sodium free. Bit naughty really as they should have advised you.
They should have given you there recommended after care to take with you free of charge. How are the salon going to monitor the benefits if they have just let you leave without any. I had the kera straight rep in and he gave my model a full size shampoo and conditioner to take home so that I could monitor the full benefit of the treatment.
Thank you for the replies - knew there was something I was to look out for in the shampoo/conditioner products!

I know, I thought it was a bit strange they didn't give me anything too. It was at a hairdresser training academy (whom shall remain nameless!!) and the guy was teaching the hairdressers how to use the product - so my guess is, they already know the benefits and were just being taught how to apply it.

Shame for me though.... hence why I want to try and look after it cos I am pretty impressed so far!


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