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Lil lisa

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Sep 12, 2007
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Hi can anybody give me some advise on brazilian waxing i haven't done the course yet but i'm just practising on a few friends. Does it cost much more on insurance and what are the contra-indications?- not including the obvious ones like diabetes etc. L x :rolleyes:
The key is to make sure the skin is pulled as tight as possible (I have my clients helping with this part). Make sure to prep the skin with oil first (I use a liberal amount while doing braz waxes). Make sure that you also apply the oil on the inside of the labia or you'll tear the mucous membrane. Unless they are a severe diabetic who's disease is out of control, there really is no reason why you can't wax them. And the biggest thing (next to the oil and tight skin) is not to feel embarrased... the clients will pick up on that. Don't be afraid to touch them.
I will add that when I carry out Brazilian or Hollywood wax I always get my clients to leave their underwear on.I know some don't but for me I find that leaving them on helps with keeping the skin taut,get the client to pull her knickers up at the front to give a 'wedgy' effect,this keeps the skin amazingly taut thus helping stop any bruises and making the whole process easier.

I actually put my clients hands where I want them ,most of the time anyway,this also helps as when you tell the client they are sooo nervous they actually dont understand exactly what it is you are asking from them.

I hope you enjoy the course,dont be shy,get in there and use all your experience you have already to guide you in the waxing process.Waxing is waxing,at the end of the day,the principle dosn't ever change it's just some areas are a bit more sensitive and awkward.HTH:hug:

p.s it's definately very much a 2 man job.xx

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