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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hi guys
i'm compiling my entry for this years british beauty awards, & 1 of the criteria is to show 3 ways in which i've promoted myself in the last 12 months.
i've got 2 really good ones & i'm waiting for a client of mine to put the finishing touches to my website so that i can put that forward.
but... just in case she doesn't get it ready in time, i'm looking for another idea to put forward.
thats where you lot come in!!
i'm not sure how to word this post without it looking like i'm fishing for compliments, which i'm not!! but i do want to have something to put into my entry.
the idea is that everything i put forward has got to be concise (don't worry i know i can't do concise, i've got someone doing that bit for me!!)
i've been warned that there mustn't b too much info as to confuse them :eek:

so... over to you guys, it's a tall order, but i know you can do it!
not only am i asking you to show me love, but i need you to do it in as little amount of words as poss! :eek:

so, if i've used this site to help any of you in a certain way, please tell me about it , & i'll print it off & put it into my entry.

many thanx liza smith xx
Where would we start with you Liza - you did Watchdog, you have given your time, effort and experience on here and increased the number of CND Masters by a factor of triple X.

Never having met you I cannot possibly do justice to what Ruth etc will have to say LOL.

Good luck with the awards.
The demo you gave on creating perfect smile lines and nail art at Leeds a few weeks back was fantastic.. It gave me loads of helpful hints to try out at home. It was great to watch such a skilled tech at work.
Thank you
Hi Liza,

As someone just starting out in the nail industry and still learning the ropes, I have read with interest your advice to the various queries which frequently arise and have found your responses very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks and good luck - we'll all be routing for you!
Hi Liza,
I look upon you as a mentor, Any problems you are there, always professional and always give precise help.
Thanks your a star
How has Liza helped me .....................
Ok starting with Nail Competitons................
If it hadn't been for her encouragement and our frequent hour long chats, I would have never started competiting........Even though I am mainly a fibreglass Technician and not L&P Technician..........
To Liza that didn't matter, what mattered was, raising the standard of my work so I could be a winner..........
So at Excel last year, I scored a good 3rd place in the novice Category, being judged within the L&P Category, not enough Fibreglass entries.................
At Gemex Manchester last year, I scored a sound 5th place in the major Category, with Fibreglass and yet again was judged within the L&P category..................
So Liza urged me to get other Fibreglass Technicians involved, so I did and the out come is......we got our own category at Olympia this year and I scored a mean 1st place..................
So if it hadn't been for her first words to me ............"Yep you can do this", I would still be here wondering if I was good enough..........and I would have missed out on so much ............

Ok then lets move on to my Masters ......
After taking my Foundation course in L&P in July last year, I plodded on like most Techs do, so again Liza and I had a chat and again she encouraged me to go for it.........
Class after class and phone call after phone call I would pick her brains......
Then sitting here at home doing nails night after night..........taking pictures of my work and sending them to her to critic them.............and critic she did ....
Then finaly in May this year I passed with flying colours ............
So Liza Smith takes her role in her position as Ambassador for CND and Nail Technician very serious............but she also has a unique way of getting you to give it your all.....

She deserves Industry reckognition for all her hard work, and it's not about a pretty face getting the glory........
It is about a fantastic Nail Technician and Ambassdor giving her all to educate and to raise the standard of education, a mentor, a never out off office person, only ever a phone call away, a smart Business woman, a no frills person who does a great job because she loves what she does best ............Enhancing Nails and educating Nails Technicians and giving her clients the best of her abilities......and us the best of her........

Liza you are a winner already !!!!!!!
How can I possibly write this without making it an essay length post ????
Because there is so much to say about you!!!
Great post ruth!!!! this is just so liza through and through :green: :cool:

I also look to liza as my mentor she has helped and encouraged me through my master classes and onto qualification day. shes a fantastic person and has such energy for this industry , that energy is so infectious, she has given me a great thirst for knowledge , a want to be a winner, i cant wait to learn more from her!!!!! :green:
what lovely encouraging posts Liza from teks who really mean what they say!!

I know Liza Smith in a different way. I have asked Liza to frequently drop things last minute to help with various exciting events that turn up on my doorstep; has she ever let me down? No - and now we get to work together again on Thursday where I will watch with pride as she tackles the various tests put to her!! Liza is a kind, warm and humble woman who's aim is help others genuinely and not 'coz something is necessarily in it for her'; she likes to see others win and enjoys being a part of that. The most selfless thing I saw her do was to get Pamel Rohlf back in the competition circuit with encouragement and kindness. They competed against each other at the H&B Awards maybe 2 yrs ago - Pamela beat Liza by a couple of points to get first overall and yet Liza was thrilled for her friend (although I secretly know she was choked to not have won) - but that is because she is a fighter and a winner herself!

I am very proud (hope I don't sound condescending here) of her and feel more proud to have her as my friend!!! You go girl - with you all the way!! xx
There are some things in life that certain people where just born to do........Liza is testament to that. She has an amazing head full of knowledge, as do alot of other people, however, where Liza excels is that she can explain things in such a way that no matter how tired you are, you can still understand and retain it.

She is tireless in her passion and every time I speak/see her, I come away with a great deal of that passion.

I feel immensely lucky to have found such an inspirational 'mentor'.

In my opinion, Liza Smith should've won this award years ago!!

If ever there was a person who is an inspiration to others and who has worked tirelessly to promote this wonderful industry of nails, it is Liza Smith. Nor has it been an easy task for Liza to get where she is today. She has suffered set backs and hardships and still moved forward and been a wonderful mum and wife to her family and husband. Not an easy task.

Surely the winner of such an award should be more than just a talented technician but also an inspirational and motivational figure; a selfless and generous personality with natural humility. Liza is all these things and has the mega talent to go along with it -- a rare combination.
what can i say....

asking for help doesn't come easily to me

asking for compliments DEFINATELY doesn't sit easily on my shoulders!

however, if i ever have to do things like that, i know where to come.

you prooved me right by the lovely things you've written.

thank u all, i'm sure that your comments will help put my case forward.

thank u again, i really am flattered & humbled & i will keep u updated

liza xxx
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