Broken big toe nails


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Feb 1, 2012
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Hi all,

well have had a client come to me that has had Hollywood toes off another technician and both her big tie nails have broken half way down, what do you think I can offer her or suggest she does, as she is finding them painful?
If they are still painful then leave well alone. Treat with Solar Oil. When pain subsided does your system enable you to create a sculptured new nail?
I use nsi balance gel and attraction l & p so I could with the attraction, how about a bit of fibreglass wrap? I have not seen the damage yet will be seeing her tomorrow, thank you for your reply :)
This is one reason that i prefer a gel for toenail treatments. It has greater flexibility than l.p
That being said, it is possible to avoid these problems by not creating a long extension and keeping the overlay thin to retain flexibility.
The client can help by filing the length down as the natural nail grows and avoiding wearing closed toe shoes.

I would advise cutting the nails short and overlaying thinly to stabilise the broken nail. I would also put some resin on the crack to seal it before proceeding with the overlay. Keeping it short and thin is essential.

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