Builders' nails


I hve had a builder come to me for a manicure nd his nails and fingers were as you imagine a rough tough builders to be - I have sent him away with Solar Oil but would else would you have recommened as he is a skin-round the nails biter and they are in an awful state!


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The solar oil is the best thing you could have retailed him, I am a real late-comer to this product but now love it.

Another wonderful product for hands is the Jessica Le Remedi serum .. this and the Jessica hand cream are the only products I stock from Jessica as they are so so lovely. The serum is magical for rough red skin and the results are instant! Really. Truly.

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What would I recommend? Regular manicures, after the solar oil.


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I remember speaking to my hubby (he's a tiler & decorator) a few years ago about having a manicure and/or applying Solar Oil and hand cream... he told me that he'd spent years getting the callouses on his hands to just the right thickness and there's no way he would be able to do his job with soft skin!

Just something to keep in mind :wink2: