Building the Dream - did Stacey & Darren win?


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Tickled Pink!

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Nov 7, 2003
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watched Building The Dream on tv a couple of times and have also seen Stacey featured in one of the nail mags...did her and Darren win the house they had been building?

Does anyone know? They deserved to win - and anyone who saw her will agree her nails looked fab in every episode despite being elbow deep in cement and the like!
yes they won!!
Well done to Stacey and Darren! Is Stacey a member of this site...Stacey if you are out there make yourself known!
Great minds think alike :D I was only thinking earlier whether they had won and should I post the question.

Congratulations to them both, although I am rather torn as the couple who lost are from my neck of the woods. :cry:
i voted for stacey & darren 4 times - then forgot to see who won!! i am so pleased :)
I'd been watching it since it began, watched lunchtime missed last 10 mins, school run. Had to take my daughter dancing at 5.30, got caught chatting & missed the end, GUTTED!!! Apparently they were a bit subdued & cried. If it were me who won I'd be doing cartwheels.

I too wondered if anyone on the site knew Stacey.

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