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Oct 6, 2010
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In July 2009 I took out a hire agreement for a hot/cold water machine.

The company called up arranged an appointment with me and we agreed terms at the salon. It was for 6 months paid quarterly. The salesman agreed to take the contract and forward it on. At the time I didnt think anything was odd and just believed I was in a rolling contract renewable 6 monthly.

I was shocked when a bill came through this week for £88 to service the machine. I called up to cancel only to be told I had signed for 63 months!!!

I have spoken to consumer direct and would have been protected but as Im a business there is no protection against this!!!

I have witnesses to prove the male said I was in a 6 month contract, it appears that he took the contract away and finalised this himself. I only have a photocopy of this contract.

What can I do????

I mean no way would I have agreed to a 63 month contract!!
Oh dear, well depending on which copy of contract you have. Go throught their terms and conditions. Say that a amended copy of the contract when renewed was not consented on nor sent to you to reconfirm this. See what happens and state that you will let your solicitors review the contract as you would not have entered into a contract that long. Majority have a 3-6-12-18 month contratc rather than 63 months. You always have an option to opt out! xoxo

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