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Nail nation

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Jun 13, 2013
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Preston, Lancashire
Hi all just wanted your opinion. Currently we are called nail nation, the complete works. Originally just nail nation but expanded into hair so added the complete works. Thinking of changing name to Jessica Louise, hair nails and beauty. What do you all think? Feedback appreciated xx
I like nail nation. more dynamic x
How about - nail & beauty nation

Laura 🐶 x
Thanks for comments ladies just thought current name says we only do nails when we also do hair and beauty.
What about just "The complete works" underneath the name you could have:

The complete works
hair - nails - beauty

For all advertising, signs etc.

But not actually say hair/nails/beauty when you answer the phone.

That's what I was thinking. Do you think it sounds ok?
That's what I was thinking. Do you think it sounds ok?

Yes, I actually really like it. Sometimes names get too long trying to describe what we do. The complete works says just that. Whilst it isnt actually an associated hair/beauty/nails related name i think just stating it underneath works well to describe you on adverts. Im sure you could get a fab logo for marketing! Xx
Thanks hunni xx the complete works it is!!!!

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