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May 10, 2003
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I was invited to visit a business centre, it is located in an English Heritage Site, it is basically a building where people can hire out rooms on a monthly basis to do their business from.

I am currently mobile and would love my own salon but just cannot afford at the moment.

the room i saw was an adequate treatment size room, with a seating area located outside, toilets and the use of a kitchen. its £70 a week to hire and that includes heat, electricity etc,,,

it would basically be like my salon but without being on the high street with my name above the door, in the same business park is a new building which is being marketed out to companies to hold 400 people, there are 2 specialist schools, a nursury, catering company and a manor house in the area.

it is a beautiful area but I would have to promote it to the surrounding villages for people to know that I am there and they would have to travel to me.

i thought the price was good cos thats what some gyms want just to have a nail table in the corner,i was thinking of doing it in the new year but not sure if I should give it a go or forget it.

If i feel its not working I can terminate at any time, just have to pay a month in advance.

what does everyone else think, any concerns or queries that you would have?

My only concern would be getting known that you are there! I guess you wouldn't think to look somewhere like that for a beauty salon. But if its not on a contract and you only need a months notice then if you feel it is a good location then you have nothing to lose. £70 seems really reasonable too!
Good luck
It sounds wonderful and ideal that you have no legally binding contract. My only question would be is it worth biting the bullet and going for it when the party season is about to start? It would be an opportunity to get your name out there when its busy and people are looking for treatments. I just think that January/Feb are notoriously quiet so there's a possibility you may feel a little dissapointed during this time. Good luck!
Only thing I would add is check the signage arrangements. Make sure people driving in are going to be able to find you easily. If they're driving into some faceless signless industrial estate, they may just keep on driving.

If the signage isn't ready at the time you want to start - what are the arrangments for putting your own signage up? English Heritage are quite tight on stuff like that, but make sure you ask all the questions

And good luck!
Sounds like you would have a good opportunity to market to the staff of the businesses within the park too. Get some leaflets for their staff rooms offering "lunchtime express manicures" Spray Tans (or whatever) to get them through the doors then it will snowball from there as they tell their friends and colleagues.

Advantage of the business parks is usually that they are easily accessible from lots of surrounding areas with excellent parking.

£70 seem really reasonable too.
There is a difference between Business and Retail Parks. Before you do anything I'd find out if you have planning permission to open a salon there and don't take the word of the landlord, phone your local authority.
There is a difference between Business and Retail Parks. Before you do anything I'd find out if you have planning permission to open a salon there and don't take the word of the landlord, phone your local authority.

Yes definitely check that there are no restrictions on operating this kind of business. But if you get the all clear go for it! Just make sure you have a sustained marketing plan in place. Eg if you say to yourself, Right, I'm going to give this six months/a year (whatever) and see if it's right for me, make sure that every month you have marketing activities in place to help build your profile. These don't have to be costly things (Lynne Baker's thread has lots of ideas).

Best of luck - it sounds like a great opportunity! x
thanks for your tips and advise, ive got alot of research to do, was going to go round the different villages speaking to people on the street and see what they think if there was a salon there.
will keep you posted if anything happens.x

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