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Jan 16, 2006
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before I started work at the salon I am at, some low-life decided to nick the hvlp spray tanning machine....hmmmm, that aside, I really want to start offering this treatment (have done my spray tan training with st tropez) but my bosses cant afford to lay out for another machine, so i was thinking of buying one myself, then if i ever leave the salon, it would still be mine to use. I was wondering if any of you have used a compnay that allows you to pay for this on a monthly/direct debit basis? As I have heard a few gals that I trained with have done this (so that they can go mobile) but I would like to hear your experiences before I click to buy!
thanks xx :)
just giving this a wee bump :green:
if it's part of the salons equipment, it should be reported to the police as having been stolen then an insurance claim can be logged and it can be replaced.
Don't buy it if you can't afford it!
also, dont buy something to earn money for other people, assuming our employed not self employed...
hmm good points!

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