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Nov 26, 2014
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Hi Everyone

We are looking to start offering Caci facials in our salon ...

Before I make my final decision does anyone have any advice on Caci or whether to go for it or not? If it's worth investing in etc..

There is a lot of people on here that will tell you they are a complete nightmare to deal with after you've purchased the machine, it nearly put me off, however I've got a fantastic rep who is really supportive and will bend over backwards for me so I think that has made a massive difference.

Training is good and really in depth, I love my machine, my clients love the results, it's bought me in a lot of new clients and sales.

Where are you based? If you are in the south and your rep is Tracy Chiverton - go for it!!
I've used CACI (Quantum and now Ultra) since 2002 and have to say that I have found it a ver popular treatment with a great following. I don't get any rep support, but to be honest that doesn't bother me as I have no problems generating and retaining clients for the treatment!
Ah thank you! That's great to hear some positive experience!
I have my meeting tomorrow with the rep!
Any questions people would ask?
Have you thought about silhouette dermalift, I've always had their equipment and it's fantastic . Very pleased & the servicing is very reasonable too !
Not heard of that one! Is it a popular treatment?
This is my main concern- investing in a machine and not being able to cover costs
I have my meeting tomorrow with the rep!
Any questions people would ask?
I'd ask about their after care. The biggest complaints I've seen are when something goes wrong with a machine that costs thousands and the company are rather dismissive. I've read a lot about it on here.

I can second silhouette dermalift x
Brilliant will do thank you!

Great will be looking into that brand x
Does silhouette have a machine that combines micro dermabrasion or would you use a separate machine x
I don't use mdb I'm afraid. Contact the company. They're extremely helpful x
Carlton are great.
Results as good as any other but the unit is small, portable and affordable.

I have 2 - a diamond mda and non surgical facelift micro current but they now combine them in one unit and it also has led light therapy too.
Icon Ultralift is fab, I'm getting fantastic results and the aftercare is brilliant. I can send you Jacquie's details if needed but well worth a chat with her x
There is so many to choose from how do you ever decide?? X
Those who went with caci what machine did you go for please??
I love to hone in on statistics. The first year I got my CACI Ultimate machine it made up for 27% of all my treatments. That included special offers to book courses because it was a new treatment. The 2nd year, that went up to 37% and this year my 3rd year, it makes up 56% of all my business and these last 2 years I've run no special offers. I don't have rep support and I admit, I've been v lucky with my machine. If I did have probs with it, I would not take it back to CACI to repair. I'd send it to Dave northwestpermiersalon.
Kamikate I need business advice from you!! Ha ha I love stats!! I don't do microcurrent but I will in the future. For me it will be caci as it has the name, and from previous experience brand awareness plays such a big part in what I have previously taken on since. Xxx
I purchased a CACI Ultimate a year ago, the best purchase for my business without question, training is 4 days most competitors machines are 1-2 days, I have worked with alternative micro current machines over the years, the results from CACI are so much better, clients seek this treatment so have gained a lot of new business, so popular I am considering buying a 2nd machine.

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