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Aug 31, 2011
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United Kingdom
Hey everyone. Now it surely must be used thosands of times around the globe but Im having diffiucltly locating one to buy...OR are you all using something else these days???

Where do you get or what are you using to put the galvanic electrode in for clients to hold whilst you perform a galvanic facial?

At college with had these little conductive sponge material pouch things that you wet a little and got dearest client to hold.

Or is everyone else using something different these days?

Please could someone let me know where you get them from with out having to min order or shelling out loads for postage (ellisons!!!).

Thanks people :biggrin:
Hiya didn't want to read n run.... We have them in the salon but we did get them from the wholesalers you mentioned within a big order so didn't have to pay I n p but what I will say is once all the green pouches were left in a occupied treatment room n I needed one for my treatment so I thought on my feet n damped a flannel not too much just lightly and wrapped the electrode in the flannel worked fine :) just maybe do that till you have a big enough order to pop the pouches on :) hth
ah excellent. Thanks for the info :biggrin::biggrin: much appreciated
Hi, give the girls at Carlton Professional a call on 01903 761100. We sell them individually and have no minimum order!!
ellisons or ebay check out ebay first x

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