Camping on a boot:Holly, Melissa and Fee


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Camping on a boot!!!!!
I for one can't wait to here about it all from the Fab Trio xxx
Lets hope we hear soon....Their highs , their lows and their laughs xxxxx........
Hi Ruth! and all my fellow wonderful geeks!!!!!!

Boot Camp- wow! what can I say!!

It was absolutely INCREDIBLE meeting the Grandmaster Geek himself--- Sam Sweet is an awesome, kind, intelligent (extremely intelligent-genius!) person! As the lead trainer for Boot Camp- he did an AMAZING job of leading the classes!! The classes are intense- SO much info to know!!!

It was also UNBELIEVEABLE to meet all of Euro Team Creative--- their enthusiasm, knowledge, excitement to help us learn... they are just an awesome group of amazingly talented nail technicians that, with the help and leadership of Sam- just 'completed' the whole system of Boot Camp...

It was WONDERFUL to meet Holly!! She is a WONDERFUL person, FULL of kindness and an overflowing ocean of knowledge... incredible talent, kind personality.... I am so happy to have met her in person!!! I only wish we lived closer!!!!!!!

Fiona--- WOW! She is so amazing- vibrant, fun, helpful- great personality-- so knowledgeable and talented.... I am missing her already!!

Samantha- Mrs. Geek herself- wow! She is a BEAUTIFUL, kind person- I wish that I had more time to spend with her.... she was only there the last (hmm was it the last 2 days?) -- however I only got to chat with her at Graduation- so amazed to have met her in person- AND give her a hug and kiss from Gigi.. as well as hug her for myself!!! :)

There were SO many nail technicians there-- 40 maybe? ALL of them were terrific!! If I were to list them all, it would probably take a day to type and a week for you all to read... I miss them all....

England is beautiful! (Not that I saw much of it- what I did see was gorgeous!) Weather was a bit dreary- but did not put any kind of damper on my spirits for being able to be a part of The Creative Academy....

NOW- Boot Camp itself! OMG. WOW. what can I say!

It was HARD- very challenging--- emotionally, physically... but SO worth it!

Gosh- the highs- were being able to meet Sam & Samantha, Euro Team Creative, all the amazing techs there.... helping everyone that I could... and getting help from others.........

the lows- would be the lack of sleep! (average of 2-3 hrs every night- aerobics/calisthenics in the morning wasnt much fun... and many techs had some breakdowns with all the stress... :sad:

I'm sure there are tons more highs & lows I want to share.... unfortunately I didnt take the day off from work today- and have to get ready!! :sad:

I am so proud to have passed- and receive my certificate-- and I am now an "Active" Education Ambassador!!

I can't WAIT to teach- and HELP everyone that I can!!!

Write more later........ HUGS to all my fellow Geeks..... :green:

All my love,
Congratulations and well done Melissa!
Melissa, Holly, Fee and all others not named !!!!!!A huge geeky well done, you guys are awsome and will be such an incredible asset to the CND Education Team................... A huge huge huge Faberoonie Well Done !!!!!!!!!!
NailNovice2 said:
Congratulations and well done Melissa!

Thank you so much Chris! :green:
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Melissa, Holly, Fee and all others not named !!!!!!A huge geeky well done, you guys are awsome and will be such an incredible asset to the CND Education Team................... A huge huge huge Faberoonie Well Done !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Ruth!!!!!!


wow I don't know that I have anything to add other than thanks! The education was amazing the experience beyond words! I think we are all forever changed! Sam and Samantha were more than I imagined he is trully the nail geek and she is so beautiful and full of life. It was great to see Doug and Tom again and to meet the euro team Creative was such a gift on so many levels. I feel honored to be asked to attend and fortunate to have survived! Thanks to you geeks for all the encouragement it helped!! I hope to do Creative proud and use my new title responsibly and represent them well :green:

p.s. if you read this Shona, come out of lurking and say hello, at least tell me how to spell your name right! :lol:
Dear Melissa & Holly - right back at you with all comments! I wish I could have been there more but thare are the Baby Geeks to consider and - oh yeh - my job :rolleyes: !! I wish we could have talked more but there was SO MUCH to talk about and with so many!! We will be going to the Orlando Show at the end of August - if you are there let us know and we can meet up!! I understand it was one of the hardest Creative Institutes EVER - Dannii my PR Assistant also passed and I am incredibly proud of her, Shona and everyone who made it through!! Fly the banner guys and BE PROUD - just as we are, to represent the best damn nail company world wide! (just MHO of course!!!) :o ;) :)

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