Can anyone recommend a good foot spa/pedicure bowl??


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Aug 11, 2007
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I want to invest in a really good foot spa for when I do pedicures. The one I have at the moment is a Remingtons foot spa that has massage/vibrate/heat, but the heat option doesn't really work!! The water seems to get cool fairly quickly and I have to keep topping up with warm water which is a real nuisance! When I have worked in salons, the foot spas always seem really high tech and the water stays warm throughout the 1 hour treatment so I wondered if anyone could recommend a really good one !! I've looked all over and they all say that they have a heat options but I'm dubious, obviously! Don't want to waste money - rather get one that you geeks may have used and can vouch for!!
I've got the Beverly Hills foot spa with disposable liners, it is absolutely brilliant . I think you will find lots of geeks have this and yes the heater does work:lol:
Thanks Adele, where can I get a Beverly Hills foot spa from, and how much do they cost if you don't mind me asking!!
Good to know the heater works!!!
I got mine from Beauty For Nails, sorry can't do links you can see it on the website with the price etc
This foot spa looks amazing...something else for the salon to get i suppose:rolleyes::green:

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