can Ezflow be applied over Creative l & p?


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Mar 26, 2006
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North East
I have a client coming tomorrow who I know has creative nail extensions on and she wants me to rebalance them?
can I apply Ezflow over the creative acrylic?

I have seen her nails and they are nearly all her own just a couple of tips
I don't want to turn her away as I need all the clients I can get!!!!
any advise is great
Yes you can but you will have to explain that there may be a colour variation in the product and therefore she may have to use a polish to camoflage x
Once a product is cured, you can apply anything over it.

As Chris said, you just have to explain that a slight colour variation may be seen using 2 different products. I have to say though, i have used EZ Flow over Creative and not had a problem.
I too have used Ezflow L&P over Creative L&P without any problems.
Thanks for your replies
x x x
you can also use clear l&p to avoid discoloration
Just to say I have successfully rebalanced over Creative l&p too, you should be fine x

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