Can I put 60 min. tan in spray tan gun?


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hi people, I have a fake bake 60mins tan solution and was wondering if I can put it in my spray tanning gun? Will it still give the same effect? X
I was thinking exactly the same thing!!! I assume so yes, but would love to find out for certain. I'm going to buy a litre of it late next week x
Well I did it and my tan looks amazing!! X
What is this 60 minute tan? What kind of result does it give please? Do you leave it on longer if you want it even darker? Xx
U can buy it in 950 ml professional size x
Yes you can, fakebake sell it as a spray tan aswell as a home self tan x
Just tried to fid a bit more info out about this online. I read that leave it on for an hour for a light golden colour, leave on for 2 hours for a deeper darker tan and its not recommended to leave on for more than 3 hours. Can someone who has used it, please advise me if it is the same as a rapid tan where, yes you have some colour after a couple of hours but it still takes about 24 hours to reach the full colour? Or is it at it's full colour straight after wash off?

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