Can I put acrylic extension on my damaged nail?


Hi all.

I suffer from a type of eczema on my finger and unfortunately it's affected my nail. It started peeling at the bottom cuticle area and I couldn't help myself and picked at the nail. Now the top layer if nail at the bottom is missing (but still a nail there). It looks awful and GP said I can only wait for it to grow out.
Question is, can I put acrylic overlay on to make nail look better and normal or not as to not further cause damage?
I'm trying to upload a pic. Not v clear sorry!!

Thanks xImageUploadedBySalonGeek1313680942.095890.jpg


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IF you put any enhancement over that nail the damaged area would still show through. The only way to disguise it would be to use a coloured gel or L&P.

The question about IF you may cause further damage by using an enhacement on it - personally I would be thinking the following:
If you have been unable to stop your self picking at it to begin with is it wise to put an overlay on it or will you pick at this too?

I would not do anything other than put solar oil on it as often as you can and encourage fresh new nail to grow and this damage to grow out naturally as suggested by your doctor.


I am a picker but not of nails or Enhancements. Scabs and skin only :) not nice I know!

I have solar oil so will be using this. What about Shellac???

Thankyou for ur advice


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An opaque pink would cover that so you could still have a natural or plain French hun :D xx

Miss Pink23

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I dont see a problem with overlaying acrylic on your nail. Add some opaque pink into the powder if you want to hide the damage.
I think having acrylic on it, would stop you from picking at it, as you would smooth down to a flush finish and there wouldnt be anything to pick at and you would leave it alone as it would look 'normal'.


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I can't see any reason why you can not put enhancements over this.
I think it will give it protection and help stop you from picking further.
The only thing is, you will have to keep an eye on it to make sure nothing changes/things get worse.
Maybe a clear/sheer pink then with nail art or full color to hide it in between checks would be better than a cover color?

My only other thoughts are and bearing in mind I know nothing about the condition that caused it in the first place....but is it something that can continue to get worse across your nail?
If it's already spread to that part of your nail, will it somehow continue to do so and if yes, what impact can that have under and enhancement?
Just some extra thoughts that's all.

Once you decide what to do, put a pic up and show us what you have done:)
Good luck.


Oh thankyou all so much! Will do the enhancement today and post a pic. I'll use the pink acrylic and nail art it :)