Can you apply acrylic over MINX?!


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Jul 5, 2010
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I'm just wondering that instead of just having normal white French tips on my acrylic nail extensions, would it work to place a strip of minx where i would usually apply my white?! and then carry on with the acrylic over it as i normally would?

Would the acrylic maybe affect the minx itself? or any similar problems?

Thank youu :D
some geeks use dashing diva with shellac ?? hmm good question x
I thought it would make a nice change, and save alot of time and effort trying to paint the minx effect and patterns on each and every tip afterwards!
I would try it on one or two nails, i just wondered if there were any problems after a few days or so, such as any lifting or similar?
I asked a similar question last week, which no-one replied to so I ended up putting the l&p over my whole nail anyway to find out for myself. My fingers had been minxed but it was lifting after afew hrs so decided to try and seal with a clear acrylic and it seemed to last fine although I did only keep them on until yesterday and then I soaked them off, just so I could try out some more nail stuff! HTH xx
My favorite way to use Minx is to cut it into strips and imbed it in acrylic. I like to cut the chetah print ones into zebra stripes, apply a black french tip real thin, stick the strips onto the black tip randomly and the encase it all in clear pink or clear acrylic.
I've used Minx for tips under acrylic and it works great! No lifting problems. But only if it's a tip or a stripe... the acrylic won't hold if it's over the whole surface.

Good luck!
Thank you Seraphine I can go ahead and try it now i know it will work!
I only want to use one strip of it on the tip to create a french using minx look!
I'll have a go next time i do my nails :) Thanks!
I have used the Metallic Cheetah Minx as tips under L&P. I just tried it out first on my sister who is quite hard on her nails, to get an idea how long it would last. It looked really good but only lasted just over a week before she started to get lifting in the tip area. Great for a special occasion or something, but I just let anyone who asks for it know that it wouldn't last as long as normal L&P, but they seem happy to have something that's different even though it wont last quite as long.
I got round to trying this last night and it looks amazing! I used the pink cheetah minx and placed it in a strip over a clear tip to make it in to a more interesting french tip! And sealed it using some sheer pink acrylic :)
Think i'll use this more now i know it works so well!
Im trying this out tomorrow on my friend and just wondering how the minx sticks to the tip? Like a natural nail or have you used something else? Thanks
I do this all the time. My favourite is pink cheetah tips with custom colour. I don't find I have any problems with the minx adhering to the tips. I don't use anything to stick the minx to the tip. I use (a touch of cnd silver lightening) glitter acrylic over the whole nail in clear or pure pink. Haven't tried a whole nail of minx with acrylic.


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Thanks! The 1 Im doing is the pink cheatah too! Cant wait to see what it looks like! Doing 2 2mr with the same minx, so going to do 1 with clear acrylic and the other I will put irridesent glitter on! xx

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