Can't polish worth a darn!


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i have crap polish days too all the time ...oops can i say crap on here?
but i have one of those nail polish corrector pens wow couldnt live without it... im hoping one day i wont need it but i can never get it straight round the cuticle area its maddening especially as i look at peoples nails all the time and peolpe i know have painted them themselves are perfect agghhh!!
gonna try the push and pull action hoping its self explanitory and i should be doing what it soundslike
ill try it anyway
Its a trick getting the polish just right. I like it to be thin first of all.and i use a push, pull,at the cuticle. Thats not explaning it very well. I know. The first coat is your practice one :D I have gals like that too. If I get it on the skin, I run a brush with acetone around to get any boo boos. The air makes your polish thick, something good :?: evaporates! I also rest my pinky on my palm or pinky of the other hand to steady it, so it goes
on with more control. I always thin my polish,so it flows. hope this helps.
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Mar 9, 2003
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Do you ever have days that it looks like a 5 year old polished your clients nails? :rolleyes: Lately my polish ahs been getting so thick and is hard to apply. I have a huge skylight in my nail roon and I think that is the culprit of the thick polish. Anyway, some clients make a big deal out of nothing. I have this elderly lady that complains I don't get the polish close enought to the cuticle. I go as far as the acrylic will go and that s 1/16". If I get any closer it gets all over her cuticles. She said she always use to get right up to the cuticle.I asked if that was befor she had acrylics and her anser was yes. Well DUH! :hit:
Anybody have any secrets for a better polish job. I thought this would get better with time, but its getting worse. My old age must be setting in. ha ha :sunny:
:oops: I am so glad you posted this. I have several days per month when I polish like a 5 yr old! It feels like a curse! It is hilarious to me as well as embarrassing!

thanks for your honesty!

Push - Pull is definitely the answer along with correct balance as suggested by Barb.

Load your brush, get balanced, and place your brush in the centre of the nail.

Push back and let the natural curve of your loaded brush (it should have a curve like the cuticle line if it is a good quality brush) tuck right up as near as possible to the soft tissue and stroke toward the free edge.

Use your next loaded brush in a swerve and downward stroke on the left and the right.

You should get a perfect line. The second coat will go on like a breeze as you have that perfect outline to follow.

A fine brush dipped in NailFresh will perfectly detail any boo boos without getting into your enamel, and any colour on the brush is easily wiped off on a tissue -- UNLIKE polish corrector pens which get all gunked up with colour and then the next time you use it it wipes colour on to the skin!! :oops: Such a pain not to mention expensive changing the nib of the pen all the time.
nail tek has an awesome polish thinner out!
Ah yes, those 5year old polish days. I know them well, it is usually when I have had too much caffeine :ack: or when I have a client who I know is extra picky (makes me nervous :? ) I use the push pull method and it works great. One thing I always notice about new techs is that they don't load enough polish on the brush and you have to go back over to get coverage. Load that brush and push it towards the cuticle, then pull it down over the nail. Took me some practice, but it works like a charm!
I also use a cuticle stick dipped in Scrub Fresh to correct any boo-boos!
Load up the brush and get some polish on that nail! lol I think sometimes people are alarmed at how much polish I plop down on the nail...but then I spread it all out..and not perfect..still working on the perfect part.... ;)
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