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Jun 8, 2011
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Im soo annoyed at myself!

I went to look at a new car on tuesday, took my boyfriend and checked it over and everything. He said everything was clean and looked good. went home got an isurance quote then decided to buy it. Went to pick it up last night and turns out the head gasket had gone - a £5/600 job to fix. So i tried to get the price down he wouldnt budge so i didnt buy! But i already sold my old car and swapped the insurance over... im now without a car and im paying for insurance on a piece of crap car i dont even own!!!! Im going to look at another car tomorrow morning but im going to have to pay a £100 admin fee to get my insurance changed again!

Im so pi**ed off!!!!!
For future; you should be able to get a free cover note till you're sure.
That's very annoying! :-(

Is your boyfriend a mechanic? If not take someone who IS. Buying privately is always a gamble and there are plenty of dishonest people out there.

Hope you get everything resolved and find an even better car. x
When did you get you insurance? You normally get a 14 day 'cooling off ' pierod to cancel with no fee x
My boyfriend isnt a mechanic but knows about cars, although when i went to pick it up i took my dad - who is a mechanic and he found the damage!

I didnt want to completely cancel my policy as id loose my no claims. Instead i bought the other car i was going to look at and paid the admin fee and taxes at £300 ):

its done now, cant change it so i have to get over it! x
Well its a lesson learnt!! Lol!! But I dont think you will loose your no claims for cancelling your policy? You usually carry it with you unless you don't drive as a named driver for over two years! ( I've been dealing with loads of car insurance latey and read all the t & c s ha ha) just sounds a bot dodgy to me! They will bloody take what they. Can off you!!
Hmm yeah, when he explained it on the phone it was mostly taxes added on! what i meant about my no claims was because i havnt got a full year only 8 months that would be wiped off so id have to start a fresh! x

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