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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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Question for Mr. Geek or Mrs. Geek..... :green:

When you soak off your enhancements and file the softened acrylic, I noticed that I used to have much stronger nails before applying nail enhancements and since then my nail has gone really soft and tears at the tip of my natural nails....... I was "arguing" the benefits of nail enhancements to my BF and couldn't explain in a "scientific" way what made the nail softer, when it used to be stronger previously.

I thought somewone could enlighten me so that I can give an educated answer in the doubt you must have been asked that question countless of times..... ;)

TY Kat

This is because when you wear an enhancment the moisture than your nailbed produces can't "escape" so you nail holds onto it like a sponge! It will take 24-48 hrs for the nail to return to its normal strength (as long as it has not been over-filed then it will be thinner, more flexible!)

Hope this helps,

Jade x
Ahhhhhhhhhh! I knew there was a logical answer......ty Pinky

Pinkies' answer may be true for some products .. particularly gels which are not hydrophylic. But in products that are hydrophylic (which means that the products allow moisture to pass throught them) this is obviously not the case.

Nails generally feel softer when product is removed because:

1. You have removed the moisture barrier during prep and therefore they soak up moisture very easily.
2. Sometimes the plate has been weakened by over filing or picking.
3. You have become used to the tremendous strength of the overlay and therefore when first removed the nails 'feel' weak because they no longer have the protection of the overlay on them.

Moisturise with a blend of botanical oils .. as often as you can for the first few weeks. This is very important. Remember those nails have been dehydrated for a long time and can be brittle once they harden up again.
When the moisture barrier is restored, you nails should feel 'normal'.
Whilst wearing nail enhancements, the nail plates moisture content will increase by an average of 17-20%. After 24-48 hours, it should return to normal as long as the plate has not been damages during application, removal, or maintenance
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