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Dec 4, 2003
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Hello all!
Has anyone used any Cesars Secrets products? Keep seeing their
adverts in Nails mag and am interested to what you peeps think?
As I am a new tech, I have experimenting with a few brands, NSI, Salon Systems, Star nails etc etc, but I want to use only one or two brands now.. I have also spent far too much money!! Has anyone got any suggestions?
Also, I am doing the NVQ BU19 at Fingertips starting Jan 18th... Is anyone else doing it?

Sam :D
If you are trying so many products then you must have some dissatisfaction with the ones you are using.

NONE of the products you have mentioned have anything that is other than ordinary .. no patented technology ... nothing different to offer.

There are over 1000 private label companies out there offering much the same thing because they do not manufacture what they sell ... they just buy it and label it.

Search out your products from a true manufacturer with a proven history of excellence and something cutting edge to offer. Otherwise you will only get more of what you've already got.
on another note, Cesars Secrets keep advertising because they are looking for a distributor - you'd have to buy direct from - I think it's Germany :rolleyes: I understand Christian (I think this is his name) has won competitions in Germany but I do not know where his product is manufactured etc - he does nails incredibly like Tom Holcomb ;) What do you reckon Anthony?? Hope this helps ;)
he does indeed, he's a nice guy too. he's trained with tom and doing an excellent job.

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