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Jul 16, 2010
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Have come across this site when looking for products before so finally decided to become a member.

Was wondering if anyone has any idea where i can purchase Chanels Jade rose nail varnish. Have been looking all over and it is either not sold one the websites i have looked at or do not ship to the united kingdom or the postage is too high (ebay).

Would be so grateful if someone can point me in the right direction.

i think you might struggle.
chanel is not a professional brand, its a retail brand so i wouldnt think that any of the usual nail tech suppliers will carry it.

can you not order it through boots or house of fraser/ john lewis maybe?

alternatively could you find an equivalent colour in one of the pro brands?
From what I can gather it is a limited edition and sold by chanel and selfridges, what I have looked up is that it sold out in the first 40 mins
there are 2 for sale at £18.18 plus £9 postage, but it takes you to ebay and they are in America, why not e-mail selfridges and chanel direct, also I read on the web that it is Autum 2010 when it becomes available in England. :)
I have Jade rose, but thats because I did some work for Chanel, however the new season collection is about to launch so wait to see if there is a newer version of it!:wink2: xx

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