Changing from strip lashes to loose lashes.. Help!


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Jul 26, 2010
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I am going to have to change from individual lashes in strips to loose lashes due to unreliability in stock. So really I need advise on what items I need to make the process of using loose lashes easier! I have seen silicone pads and stuff but not sure what I really need. Any advise please :)
I use the latex sponge in a little clear pot (have one for each size lash)....I find them great...I can't use the strips and these sponges are much easier than the silicone pads which I also tried hth x
I would suggest you change suppliers rather than change to loose lashes. Would that be an option for you?
Thanks for your replies. My problem with changing supplier is that I have 2 clients that insist on the .30 lashes. I have tried to sway them but they say they prefer them as that's what they always have had etc. I can only get the .30 c curls from lash base and they have been out of stock for best part of a month. I cannot find anywhere else that do those thickness in strips.

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